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  uPVC Pipe

PVC well casing & screens are used in tube well and Hand pumps. The advantages of PVC are light weight, low cost, easy and quick installationcompared to steel casing & screens. Ideal for salline and aggressive soils. Continues ribs increase permeability by keeping the gravel pack away from the slot opening . Screen and plain casing are provided with standard threded joint with facility quick assembly with similar pipes are other conventional pipes. Because of low weight of of PVC pipes. It reduced the tension load of joints ease of installation reduces overall cost. Pipes are being manufactured in strict accordance to the requirements of IS:12818 for physical dimensions and tollerances. It also meet the test requirmentss for materials. Workmanship, reversion, hydrostatic pressure , resistance to external blows density, sulphate ash content as defined in indian standard.

  Advantage and Applications of Duro Supreme PVC pipes
  • Higher tensile strength
  • None corroding, None Conductive, None toxic
  • Ease to handel and install
  • smooth intarnal wall – less energy consumption
  • resistance to most acids, bases salt, alphabetic solutions, oxidants and halogens
  • ideal for use in applications with temperature up to 60C (140 F) for pressure rating as per IS: 4985:2000
  • Best in chemical processing, high purity applicationsl, portable water system, water and waste water treatment, irrigation aggricultural and other industrial applications.

Duro Supreme Pipe

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