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About Us

 The Company

Being on ‘ Top’ for a company is not only prestigious but simultaneously fetches many responsibilities toward its customers , suppliers , employees and society.

‘DURO Pipe industries Pvt Ltd ‘ is one of the leading names in plastic pipes industries in india . The company was founded in the year 1994 and it is headquatered in Varanasi , UP,India.

From a humble beginning in 1994 and lots of geographical constraints , the company soon grew into a multi -crore revenue generating manufacturing unit with customers spread nationwide .the comapny uses well established marketing network , team of dedicated professionals, well defined management hierachy and a portfolio consisting of various technologically advanced range of piping product . From its inceptionthe company adopted a continuous improvment attitude that ensured dependable customer service , honest communication and tremenndous emplyoee participation.

Duro Pipe Industries is the proud recipient of prestigious ISI certification as well as ISO : 9001 quality certification for its superb product quality and structured management practices.

 The Brand DURO Supreme

The name “Duro Supreme ” does not need any introduction . It is established brand known for its quality among the PVC, HDPE, & PP-R PIPES manufacturers .The tremendous height this brand has result of rigorous research development for decades.

 Research and Development

We have a well equipped in- house laboratory where the work of testing , research and development is carried out throughout the year . almost each and every pipe goes for testing under strict supervision before clearance .

 Future prospects

Plastic PVC pipe is witnessing exponential growth and we believed Duro Pipe Industries will continue to grow by leveraging its manufacturing and marketing expertise .Our future plan includes growing in additional markets in the country to increase our market share for all our product lines.

Duro Supreme Pipe

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