Borewell Pipe
Bore wells or Tube wells are one of the major sources of potable ground water for everybody for the purpose of construction of the Tube Wells and Bore wells as well as for lowering the Pumps inside it for drawing water from the underground. Bore wells Pipes being more resilient, non-corrosive and economical with superior quality. It has successfully and effectively replaced the conventional piping materials.

Construction of Bore Well/Tube Well

While drilling before holes for Tube Wells, the details of soil strata are carefully noted. Water is only available in sandy strata which are followed by impermeable layers. While the Screens Pipes are positioned at these water bearing strata only, the bore wells pipes fill in the intermediate layers. Sometimes more than one length of Strainers is used at a particular layer, if the depth of the strata permits. It helps to increase the yield of the Tube Well. At the upper most level higher size of bore wells pipes are used to accommodate the pump-set.

  • Stronger, resilient, long lasting and maintenance free.
  • Non corrosive and thus lasts longer.
  • Internal surface being smoother, thus discourages bacterial activity and hence hygienic.
  • Inert to minerals dissolved in water.
  • Thicker Trapezoidal Threads for Pipe sizes higher than 110 mm provide better jointing and helps to carry more vertical loads.
  • Bell type of joints help to reduce number of joints as against sockets that are used in conventional MS/GI pipes.
  • Cheaper both in capital investment and running & maintenance costs.